Adams Apple iPod 2016

Owner John Adams with 2017 iPod Winners at Adams Apple Orchard


In this technology-meets-agriculture campaign, now in its 11th year, 15  specially marked wooden apples have been hidden at 15 pick-your-own apple orchards across the state. Lucky apple pickers are expected to find the wooden apples to be redeemed for Apple iPods, iPod Shuffles or iPads.

This good-natured promotion of Vermont’s working landscape is in partnership with Woodchuck Hard Cider, Small Dog Electronics, the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association, and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. The program began in 2007 as an incentive to attract  families—including teens—to visit apple orchards. The program has been incredibly successful, and families have continued their visits to orchards, taking home nearly one million bushels of apples for healthy snacks over the past eleven years.

Visiting Vermont’s apple orchards is a long-standing tradition for many, and Apples to iPods makes it even more fun for families.  Apple picking is truly a ‘sweet’ experience during Vermont’s beautiful fall foliage season.

Vermont’s nearly 4,000 acres of commercial apple orchards produce leading apple varieties: McIntosh, Cortland, Red Delicious and Empire. Honeycrisp, a relatively new variety is a new favorite among teens and their parents. Sixty Vermont orchards produce nearly 1 million bushels of apples annually, valued at approximately $15 million.

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